clip on veneers

Clip on veneers

So clip on veneers are actually a thing now. The days of spending thousands of pounds and hours of anxious dental treatment in the dental office seem to be coming to an end, well maybe that’s a bit presumptuous, but things definitely look to be changing.  Of course we are not saying that all people are opting for these but there is definitely some ripples in the ocean of smiles.

So what are they?

Clip on veneers are  a cosmetic non invasive device that you wear inside your mouth and effectively over your teeth that give a whole leash of life to your self critically decided tired smile.  Literally think of a gum shield but thinner less soft and totally tooth shaded in a completely fabulous new design. longer teeth no problem, whiter smiles? no problem even missing teeth are not a problem for this new radical device.


What are they made from?

Interestingly clip in veneers are made from a varied range of plastics from thermo-forming to liquid acrylic there are various ways and processes. Although there are a few different  materials they all look and preform pretty much the same. Having worn a set from all major players there are a couple of things to look out for and the man one being thickness. You do not want them too thick.


Can you eat and drink in them?

A question that is commonly asked when floating around the cool hangouts of web-sphere that is talking about this hot new dental trend is what are they like to eat and drink in.  Personally I don’t actually like eating in them. I think that it feels a little weird. Drinking in them is easy although go for the straw.


Cleaning them.

How do you clean clip on veneers? As with anything that goes in the mouth a bio film builds upon the surface which is normal. There are special tablets like people use to clean their dentures that remove this film.  Also never use an abrasive or rough brush. They proper way to clean them is with a silicone brush, it does not scratch or damage the surface.

Overall how good are clip on veneers?

I think that if you want to save the enamel of your teeth from repetitive tooth beaching or want to look a million dollars on your wedding day take super brilliant selfies with that A* celebrity smile without getting all the needles drills dental visits and £££££ of treatments then these are absolutely brilliant. You just cannot go wrong.   Are these a fad? Maybe, will they replace the dental office, naa well not for now anyway. It is important to note that excellent oral hygiene is a must and all decay and issues should e resolved or at eat monitored by your dentist.


There you have it a the wonderful world of clip on veneers. Just to male this article about clip in veneers snap in like the real smile creator that they are a selection of beautiful photos have been included and you can see for yourself the press on veneer lifestyle.