Clip In Veneers are made from

The new trend of cosmetic smiles is clip on veneers. A revolution is non surgical non invasive brand new look smiles.  You do not even need to go to the dentist office as it is all taken care off outside of it from the dental technicians. This also means the less then heft price tag.

Clip In Veneers?

For those of you that have not heard of them they are basically a new tooth facing well actually a complete tooth cover that is all connected together. Think of it like this. A really thin gum shield like material that looks like teeth and stays in your mouth on its own giving the appearance that have had a more traditional treatment carried out in the dental office.

What are clip on veneers made from?

Essentially one way or another clip on veneers are made from a oral safe plastic. There are many different forms and plastic materials available.  The end result all in all is pretty much the same. Some are a little thicker and some are thinner. So have more detail like staining and large inta-proximal spacing.


You have the thermo formed version of clip on veneers.  Personally my favorite. They are just the thinnest  and in the mouth the most realistic looking providing the most natural relationship with the lip and mouth


You then have the resins weather that be injection molded or milled resin it is a tougher harder material but with this added durability comes the price of thickness. They are way thicker  and  make the mouth look a lot more goofy for want of a better word. If your teeth hang a little prominent then oh boy you going be the guy with the carrot sticks. Okay jokes aside they’re great but just keep in mind what works for you.


All in all they all cost around the same price. Although some companies charge a bit more for the resin.