Clip on veneers how are they made

The journey for the perfect clip on veneer can be a long one. Clip in veneers are a custom made bespoke item that is made perfectly for the customer and you’re about to find out how they’re made.

Step 1.

Step on in the process is to use the impression kit provided. You either mix your putty or mix the power and water together and place the material in the upper tray then the lower and push them in one parallel motion avoiding head turning or biting down and no further adjustments so you don’t get problems like double impressions and distortions.

You will want to look for a nice clean gum line or gingival where the neck of the tooth and gum meet. This nice clean line gives the technicians a good strong area to get the perfect relationship between your natural gum and the snap on smile to be made bespoke or you.

What is the difference between impression putty and impression powder.

So the putty is so much more convenient to use, you mix the two colours together so its creates uniform color roll into  a sausage push in the tray and you are good to go.  the powder you have to mix with water and it is a little messier it also goes of a lot quicker then the putty as the putty will take around 5 mins for the complete process. The powder can be complete in around 2 mins.

The powder although is messy, goes off faster which is annoying as some people require a slower material like the putty. It has vast superiority  in detail.

Step 2

Proving that your impression was good a model is then made out of the impression using a dental grade type 3 dental gypsum stone. It comes in a range of colours.

Step 3

Once your model has been made a copy model will be then created as you always want a master model.

Step 4

On the copy model a skilled technician will get to work making your clip on veneer or it will go through a digitally enhanced design process.


Step 5

This is the finalization stage. This is when the veneer will get all of its detail and shine before it goes to it new mouth.


Then after the previous step all that is left for the stunning new clip in veneers is for it to be received by its new mouth and give them the celebrity smile makeover they have been dreaming of without the celebrity price tag.